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    Schwing Stetter Ice Plants


    Economic production of ice and cold water for batching plants. Limitation of the fresh concrete temperature is a significant prerequisite for a high quality of the concrete. For batching plants with a medium to high concrete output per hour, the use of ice and/or cold water to control the temperature is particularly economical. Even more efficiency is provided by the cooling systems from Stetter: due to the unique technology for production of ice and cold water, its energy requirement is exceptionally low and the maintenance effort is minimal.


    ICE GENERATOR I 90    
    Ice production    
    (at 1°C water inlet temperature) kg/d 90,000
    Cold water capacity    
    Water outlet temperature: 5°C    
    at 15° water inlet temperature m³/d 750
    at 30° water inlet temperature m³/d 480
    at 45° water inlet temperature m³/d 310
    Coolant   NH3 (R717)
    Fill quantity of coolant kg 450
    Power consumption (approx.) kVA 270
    Container type   1 x 40‘ HC (High Cube)
    Dimensions (L x W x H) m 12.20 x 2.44 x 2.59


    ICE STORE S 60    
    Mean discharge capacity kg/h 20,000
    Delivery outlets   2 (left/right)
    Power consumption (approx.) kVA 90
    Container type   3 x 40‘
    Dimensions (L x W x H) m 12.20 x 2.44 x 7.80


    Features & Benefits



    • Flake ice and cold water production in one system
    • Integrated performance control prevents icing up on the heat exchanger plates,  independent of the water inlet temperature, thereby, very high operating reliability
    • Control of the temperature possible in the cold water tank
    • Low operating costs due to high energy efficiency during generation
    • Automatic defrosting function of the heat exchanger plates prevents uncontrolled icing up for minimum downtimes
    • Semi-automatic cleaning process prevents contamination an calcium deposits in the plasticiser for low maintenance costs and high plant efficiency
    • Simple and easy operation due to PLC control using a colour touchscreen
    • Container construction for cost-effective transportation, quick installation and easy implementation of the plant





    • Professional and economic storage of flake ice minimizes the effort of defrosting, for reduced downtimes
    • Option to assemble of up to four ice generators I 90 for each ice store for high system performance with more than 350 t of ice per day
    • Continuous insulation with additional air chamber for optimum cooling without cost-intensive air cooling
    • Rapid, process-related preparation of ice aids smooth operation of the batching plant
    • FIFO process (First in – First out), thereby, utilization of the complete supply of ice possible for cooling the concrete
    • Mean delivery performance of 20 t per hour
    • Approx. 60 t of ice storage capacity, depending on the configuration of the system and mean storage density
    • The option to supply up to two batching plants by one ice store (alternately)
    • Optimum utilization of the existing, geometric fill volumes by automatic ice distribution equipment (option)
    • Container construction for cost-effective transportation, quick installation and easy implementation of the plant

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