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    Chicago Pneumatic Portable Diesel Compressor CPS185


    Chicago Pneumatic's CPS 185 portable diesel compressor is built to deliver reliable performance and flexibility for a wide range of general construction applications. It’s quiet and easy to use, thanks to a proven 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated Kubota engine, a noise-reducing enclosure and straightforward controls.

    Features & Benefits


    • High-efficiency multi-step fuel filtration with water separator  
    • High – efficiency air filter   
    • User-friendly instrument panel with mechanical controls 
    • Galvanized, powder coated canopy    
    • Large cooling surface for optimal use in high temperature environments    
    • Robust single or double axle undercarriage   
    • Superior Engine
    • Latest screw element technology with asymmetric rotors          
    • Low noise level           
    • Fuel autonomy: No need to refuel during a work shift, even when running non-stop at full -load
    •  Fully automatic step-less speed regulator that adapts engine speed to air demand 


    • 50' single hose reel
    • 50' dual hose reel
    • 100' single hose reel
    • 100' dual hose reel
    • 2" adjustable bulldog hitch
    • 18" extended drawbar with jockeywheel
    • Toolbox, external
    • Cold weather package (inc. block heater, synthetic oil)